Monday, December 2, 2013

Tree Equipment

All the 3 trees on my front yard are leaning on one side following the recent Hurricane Ike. These are relatively young oak trees, about 10ft tall and they look healthy. The question is, how do I straighten them up? What do I use to do that? Is there a tree straightening equipment that I can purchase somewhere to pull the tree. Well, I have your answer. We lost most of Our trees too. I have Bradford Pears. We saved 1 by tying it down with ropes & cemented pipes in the ground. We used 3 ropes around it with 3 pipes in the ground. My husband pulled them straight with his truck then put the ropes when we were happy with they way it stood up. This tree has been in the ground for about 6 years & stood about 15 feet tall. It was already tied down to strighten out before we ran from the storm. We knew that 1 would get it but still wanted to cry when I saw all my trees about gone. Sorry to hear of your losses & Good Luck.

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